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Douglas Murray - Cowardice Is Killing The West

This may be the most important conversation I’ve ever had. And the first of what will be many on The Winston Marshall Show.

Since October 7th, Douglas Murray has been in Israel covering the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

I spoke with Douglas at the Jaffa Hotel, in its historic chapel. It is, without doubt, the most stirring interview I have ever conducted. Douglas has been somewhat of a lone voice defending Jews and scrutinising Hamas in worldwide media. We discuss the harsh realities of war, the end of the two-state solution, and the road to victory.

I sensed Douglas’ anger that his 2017 book ‘The Strange Death of Europe’ turned out to be prophetic. Britain is in a dire state. The civil service is captured, the institutions corrupted, the media hapless, and politicians pusillanimous. Be it the grooming gangs, Katherine Birbalsingh’s fight in the High Court, or two-tiered policing. The state of Britain is contemptible.

Has multiculturalism failed? Is Islam compatible with British values? Our country has fallen to new depths, never so apparent as we witness the weekly pro-Palestine, anti-Israel marches in the wake of the October 7th slaughter.

But most striking of all, Douglas makes a cry for his country to wake up, stand up and find its courage again.

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