And the first one he knocks it out of the park...

Douglas is one of my favourite people as well...

Thank you, and well done

Proud of you both, both are role models


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Wonderful! Thank you to both of you.

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Good times create weak men. Weak men destroy the economy. A failed economy creates cowardice.

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What a wonderful first guest, I love Douglas! Thank you Winston! 👏🏼

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Is this anywhere as an audio podcast?

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On Spotify

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Love Douglas!! Thank you! Any chance these will find their way to traditional podcast apps?

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I just bought 'The Madness of Crowds'. Mr Murray speaks sense. I've now listened to multiple interviews and even if I don't always agree with him, I live learning from him and having the benefit of learning more of what he refers to.

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Brilliant! Well done! Thank you very much, Winston. All the best for this new endeavour. Really looking forward to future episodes.

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Incredible. Douglas is my spirit animal ♥️🤗🦁 fantastic episode and discussion. I hope the West pays attention. 🇨🇦🆘🚨

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I saw your Oxford Union/Pelosi debate on YT. Which is why I’ve subscribed. Spectacular.

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That was just brilliant Winston, i never tire of hearing DM speak, your interview was prefect, you gave him all the room to roam and asked excellent questions to keep on point. I still don’t know if we have an answer to what will come of Britain. I am not convinced it is at all good at the moment. Thank you sir for that excellent even evenings entertainment.

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Winston, you may have peaked with your very first episode, almost impossible to do better than Douglas Murray!

Glad you finally came aboard Substack. Really looking forward to hearing more from you. Keep being brave.

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What a lovely and robust conversation. Thank you. 🙂

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Cowardice may of may not be killing the West!

But the West altogether is certainly in the process of terminating both the biosphere and humankind.

There is hardly any civilization left any more. The two World Wars essentially destroyed the then basis for Civilization (such as it was). WW2 finished off the process set in train by WWI.

T S Eliot described the situation in his 1922 poem The Wasteland.

What is easily the most powerful and world dominant institution, the death saturated "values" of which now pattern and control every minute fraction of the human world.

The Pentagon based military/industrial/"entertainment" -propaganda/complex.

Marshall McLuhan once famously told us that the medium is the message.

What kind of in-your-face message do "beautiful bombs" communicate?

And a military base too.

Even more so the world-wide net-work of over 800 US military bases and the US military presence in most countries too.

Each military base, the business of which death is essentially a powerful psycho/physical force field. Joined together they create a hugely powerful all-pervasive psycho-physical force.

At a subtle quantum-feeling level everybody on the planet feels the profound psychic insult that this powerful death-field radiates/communicates 24/7.

And we sometimes scratch-our-heads and wonder why humankind is becoming more and more insane every day!

There are of course hundreds of military bases in the US too.

The US is essentially a self-perpetuating warfare state. The "prosperity" of the US depends on its continued growth. The prosperity of every American state depends to one degree or another on the presence of military bases, and industries which manufacture weapons or components for such weapon systems.

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