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I’m Winston Marshall: writer, musician and podcaster.

Today, groupthink and political correctness have a stranglehold on all kinds of industries and communities. It is an age when nuance itself is deemed offensive. And saying the wrong thing can get you in all sorts of trouble. And so I have committed to digging a little deeper. Looking a the complexities of the salient topics of the age. I’ve launched this Substack as the home for my essays, interviews, music and work. Here on Substack, I’ll be actively engaging with readers in the comments, so please subscribe and share your opinions and insights.

I quit Mumford & Sons in 2021, a band I co-founded 14 years earlier, a long story for another time. But in brief - I learnt it was better to speak freely than stay silent. And now, nearly three years on, I can attest it is really the only way to live.

I am launching ‘The Winston Marshall Show’ after two years at The Spectator with my podcast ‘Marshall Matters’. There, in over 40 episodes, I had the privilege of speaking with the worlds leading minds - from Dr Jordan Peterson to Louise Perry, from Mary Harrington to Matt Walsh, Don McLean to David Baddiel. Now on ‘The Winston Marshall Show’ I’ll continue speaking with the leading thinkers, writers, journalists, artists, public intellectuals and entrepreneurs across the world.

Thank you for coming this far on the journey with me, I hope you’ll continue with me on to the next part. Guest recommendations, topics you want explored, details I’ve overlooked, where I get it wrong… I want to know.


Winston Marshall is host of ‘The Winston Marshall Show’, co-founder of ‘Dissident Dialogues’ festival of ideas and co-founder of ‘1573 Cigars’.

His musical career began in London as founder of the rock band Gobbler’s Knob and country/sleeze-rap outfit Captain Kick & The Cowboy Ramblers. As a session-player he toured with folk-singer Laura Marling. In 2007 Winston co-founded folk-rock band Mumford & Sons. In their fourteen years together the band won 2 Grammy Awards, 2 Brit Awards, an Ivor Novello and performed with the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Elton John. In 2017 he released the techno-fusion album ‘Silk’ in collaboration with HVOB. His remix work includes Maggie Rogers and Jack Garrett.

His written work has been published by The Free Press, The Jewish Chronicle, The Spectator, The Daily Mail. Through 2022 and 2023 he hosted the podcast ‘Marshall Matters’ at The Spectator. He has featured on the BBC, Times Radio, LBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, Unherd, Triggernometry, Sky News Australia, GB News and The Daily Wire.

In 2021 he co-founded Hong Kong Link Up, a not-for-profit organisation helping Hongkonger asylum seeker and BN(O) holders settle and assimilate in the UK.

2024 will also host the inaugural Dissident Dialogues festival of ideas, which Winston co-founded. The worlds leading intellectuals descend upon NYC for two days of debate, discourse and discovery.

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Writer, Musician and host of The Winston Marshall Show